Dawn was an old wombat at Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary. She did start a blog, and in her memory, I am going to continue this blog for all wombats, big and small. 

Some won’t like what is blogged, too bad. This is a running daily blog of what wombats are enduring Australia wide, in particular in New South Wales and the workload of Phil and myself. I think it is about time to show/tell the public what is really going on and you can judge for yourselves.

If I posted truthfully on Facebook or Instagram daily, not many would follow. So in creating this blog, you can either read about true life of working with wombats at the sanctuary or chose not to. 

We will blog facts of what occurs, who we deal with and I have no doubt you will find it very interesting. 

Bearing in mind, what is written is over and above the 16-20 hour days worked, 10 plus loads of wombat washing, being a mother to our two children, housework, Phil doing maintenance and building at the sanctuary, 70-100 wombat bottles daily and more. 

Regards Donna