When you are part of a world (ie social media) that can is oh so toxic as lets face it, there are so many keyboard warriers out there, you have to remember that just because somebody says something, it does not mean its the truth. People can judge in a second on social media yet who are they to judge? I am finding the people that judge the most are the most toxic for various reasons. Again, its a learning process to not take personally what is written. A hard one at times but it gets easier.

I too have learnt from this. I used to be very quick to judge what I saw or heard and I at times reacted incorrectly. I did not consider that maybe people were doing the best with what they had or to their ability. I did not consider that there are other humans involved who like myself have feelings. And who was I to judge them? Everybody makes mistakes. If you don’t, you cannot be human. If you make them over and over, you are an idiot, that is simple. And if you seek to do things differently with the best intentions for the future, that does not make you wrong as a person. That makes you proactive as a human being.

You see, for me, I am a very sensitive person, probably too sensitive at times. I am again learning at my age to not let people disrupt me and how I live my life. People will see a snippet of what you do and criticise where others will believe them. To those I say come and spend some time with me before you judge. Come and do what I do and if you can do my daily regime better, I’m all ears. And the ones I have invited in the past, have always remained at their keyboards…..I wonder why.

So that is why I have chosen to not allow comments on this blog. It will detract from what I want to write about. It will detract from the topic at hand on the day and turn into a circus. I don’t want that anymore and to be honest, I don’t have the time for that. I would rather use my energy on my children, myself and my work. If you happen to be one of those toxic individuals reading this, good luck to you on your path you have chosen. I have chosen to not let toxic people into my life anymore and you know what? Its AWESOME, D