‘I’d rather be hated for who I truly am than loved for something I’m pretending to be’   Nia Shanks

The above quote grounds me when my mind takes off on its own tangent through negativity from others. The mind is a powerful thing isn’t it? It takes hard work to keep it in check at times.

BUT……here is the elusive ‘but’. If I had not gone through what I have in the last few years, I would never have gone on the journey that I have for myself and those close to me. A huge positive out of so much toxic behaviour. Oh don’t get me wrong, a few years ago I was not in a good head space with it all. It chips away at you and when the haters see this, they keep chipping away. So instead of disliking those people, I would in fact shake their hand if I ever did meet them in person because through their toxic behaviour, I have thrived on a personal level.

I hope through this blog that others learn from my mistakes. Please don’t silence yourself through fear of what others will say. Then you are giving them the control that they so badly want over you.
If people are angry at you because of what you achieve or have the balls to go out and try, it is their own undoing to not have tried it themselves. If they get angry at you for trying and testing the waters which have remained stagnent in their lives for so long, that is NOT your issue, it is theirs.

So much more work to be done, this is only the start for me of what I want to achieve in this area of life, for myself and for others and who do I owe this all to? Wombats ironically. People think they ‘know’ you through a website and social media…..incorrect. It is a downfall in the technology world as it is forgotten that there are actual human beings behind the screens.       

As Bob Marley said, ‘I didn’t change, I found myself’ and thank heavens I have!