So where to from here? Yes, you might have guessed I am very tired of all the bs on social media. You will very rarely find me posting on social media anymore. I could not be bothered with the minority that take things out of context and do damage to a life’s work for their own jealousy or benefit. The work I do is for the animals, now and for the future.

If you see a video I post, its because at that point in time, I want to show you how incredible wombats are. It means nothing other than that moment in time. I have had people visit the sanctuary who were killing wombats before their visit. After a visit, they leave with a changed heart because of what they have seen. That is a positive in this crazy world.

If you know me, you would have heard me say at some point that wombats are far smarter than a lot of human beings I have met in my life and its true. If more people took the time to sit and watch and learn about their behaviour and characteristics, you would see this too. At the sanctuary we don’t run on a wombat in, wombat out and dump basis. Does that make our work incorrect? Quite the opposite in my eyes. I would never send my children out into the world unprepared and I will not allow that to happen to an animal either.

If there is a huge load at the sanctuary at a point in time, that is a RED FLAG people. And understand that for carers and sanctuaries, we have to at that point in time do the best that we can with the facilities that we have. This work relies on donations. It takes YEARS to save up to build expensive infrastructure. Understand that and do not criticise people for what they do NOT have. Look at what they HAVE achieved and still want to. If you have an open money supply, help! But be careful on your judging as that does impact mental health on many levels for carers and their families. If you cannot do a better job yourself, I suggest you zip it, and help in a proactive way, otherwise yes, shutup.